We have never touched anything… litterally

*This is a phenomenon proven by physics*

Wait YOU HAVE ACTUALLY NEVER TOUCHED ANYTHING, give me two minutes to explain everything to you. 

While you are reading this, you are probably touching your phone or sitting on a chair. I know it’s difficult to accept this, but daily actions, where you touch random objects is revealed to not be completely true. 

Yes, you have never touched anything, and my good friend physics will prove it. In quantum physics, we know that everything is made up of atoms, and what is their structure? 

Atoms are composed of nucleus, then, there is an empty space, and after you can find electrons revolving around the empty space. One thing you probably know is that electrons are negatively charged. And when you touch an object – which is also made up of atoms- your atoms and the object’s atoms meet. 

And the Pauli exclusion principle explains this, by saying that particles are attracted to particles with an opposite charge. So electrons revolving in the outside, can’t be in contact with other electrons, as they are both negatively charged. So what they do is that they repel…

Now apply this to our daily life, whenever being in “contact” with something, means that all the electrons are causing an electrostatic repulsion. 

The question is, how is it still possible that you have the feeling that you are touching things? In fact,  it is just how your brain manages to interpret the world. In other words, your nerves send signals to your brain, saying that you are touching something physically.  Regarding the sensation that you get, it is just the result of the electrostatic repulsion . 

El Ghannouchi Nada

Image source : Paulini / Wikisource

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